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Glo Skin Beauty

Dual Fiber Cheek Brush #203

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Softly place color on cheeks or use for lightweight application of liquid and powder foundations.

Great to use with: Cream Blush, Powder Blush, Pressed Base, Loose Base, Liquid Foundation





What Does Clean Beauty Mean?

Certified Cruelty Free Makeup
PETA-approved, Beauty Without Bunnies certified, Glo makeup and their sourced ingredients are never tested on our furry friends.

Talc Free Makeup
Linked to health concerns, talc is a no-go for all of our Glo makeup. We use skin-loving minerals instead.

Paraben Free Makeup
A type of preservative linked to hormone disruption? No way, not in any Glo makeup.

Sulfate Free
Surfactants that can cause irritation or trigger allergies, Glo makeup is SLS + SLES sulfate free.

Phthalate Free Makeup
Hard to say, even harder on the skin, Glo is a phthalates-free zone.

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