Tinted Moisturizer vs Foundation: Which Do I Need?

Tinted Moisturizer vs Foundation: Which Do I Need?

Looking for the perfect base for your skin? Whether full coverage, a gentle glow, or a dewy finish, choosing between a tinted moisturizer vs a foundation can make all the difference to the overall complexion effect you’re after. From foundation finishes to how to apply tinted moisturizers, this easy guide will help you find the perfect look that’s right for your skin. 

Is a Tinted Moisturizer Better Than a Foundation?

Deciding between a tinted moisturizer vs a foundation will really come down to your specific preferences and what feels and looks best on your skin. Tinted moisturizers have different coverage and qualities to a foundation. If you’re looking for a lightweight multitasking hybrid product that features skincare benefits like hydration and environmental protection while imparting a more sheer radiance and natural glow, then a tinted moisturizer like our C-Shield Anti-Pollution Moisture Tint will be the way to go. “Tinted moisturizers blend in more with the skin to both care for and color correct the complexion, while foundations tend to work more on the surface for fuller coverage,” explains Janeena Rumsey, Glo’s Artistry Lead.

Foundations are more focused on color, coverage, and finishes—ranging from sheer to full coverage in matte, dewy, or radiant finishes. While tinted moisturizers tend to be creamy formulations, foundations can come in loose powder, pressed powder, cream, or liquid, giving you more options to tailor your base to meet your complexion’s specific needs.”

And you can always switch between the two depending on the occasion. Tinted moisturizers are great for summer, or day-time complexion perfection when you just want something a little lighter and more dewy. Foundations are perfect during winter months, for evening, or whenever you feel you need more coverage and a more customized finish.

Is Tinted Moisturizer Good For Skin?

Conditioning and caring for skin while imparting that natural looking glow, tinted moisturizers like C-Shield Anti-Pollution Moisture Tint are multitasking powerhouses, featuring skincare, mineral makeup, and essential sunscreen.

Nourishing skincare ingredients including vitamin C help shield skin from aging blue light damage and other environmental stressors, while boosting brightness. It also features squalane which conditions and supports skin’s suppleness. Adding that natural mineral pigmented color in flexible tints, C-Shield Anti-Pollution Moisture Tint delivers a silky, sheer coverage, and natural looking glow. 

“Working in perfect partnership with vitamin C, SPF is essential to wear on the daily to protect skin from the sun’s harmful UVA and UVB rays. C-Shield Anti-Pollution Moisture Tint is infused with a trio of broad-spectrum sunscreens to keep the complexion protected,” adds Janeena. “And, making sure you choose a tinted moisturizer with SPF helps reduce the amount of products you’ll need to use everyday. Just remember to reapply throughout the day for optimal protection and to re-up your glow.”

How To Apply Tinted Moisturizer

Tinted moisturizers are super easy to apply and work well for all skin types.

“Before applying your tinted moisturizer, cleanse your skin first to create a clear and clean complexion. Apply your moisturizer and serum as usual to help really boost your skin’s hydration. It’s worth noting that a tinted moisturizer isn’t a substitute for your daily face cream, but rather will enhance and add an extra layer of hydration. A great serum pairing with a tinted moisturizer for a dewy hydrated effect is HA-Revive Hyaluronic Drops,” shares Janeena. 

“Use a pea-sized amount of tinted moisturizer and blot onto cheeks, forehead, and nose then blend either with your fingers, smoothing and pressing gently to even out coverage, or with a dampened Makeup Blender Sponge to stipple and bounce the product across the complexion evenly. You can also add a concealer like our Luminous Brightening Concealer, Under Eye Concealer for under eye areas, or Oil Free Camouflage to add extra color correction and concealing as needed.

Foundation Finishes

Foundations provide more customizable complexion coverage than a tinted moisturizer. The type of foundation you choose will be down to your skin type and complexion needs. “Dry skin types can benefit from creamy, stick, or liquid foundations, while for oily skin, powders and mattifying formulations can help reduce shine.”

Cream Foundation

Cream foundations are great for all skin types, especially dry, as the texture is easily applied and doesn’t dry out skin or get caked onto any rough patches of skin. Due to a slightly heavier, creamy texture than liquid foundations, cream foundations can offer fuller coverage, with buildable formulations that allow for customization of coverage” says Janeena. 

HD Mineral Foundation Stick is a four-in-one cream foundation stick that offers buildable coverage, depending on your preference. It can be used as a foundation, concealer, contour, and highlighter. It imparts a natural, second-skin finish and is suitable for all skin types.

For a semi-matte, soft-focus finish, Satin Cream Foundation will be your go-to. Lightweight and buildable it offers medium to full coverage, and is infused with antioxidants to calm and soothe skin while imparting mineral pigment color.

Liquid Foundation

“Liquid foundations are lighter in texture than cream foundations, with a more blendable and buildable coverage. They tend to be more sheer to medium in their coverage, often with a radiant or glowing finish,” says Janeena.

Luminous Liquid Foundation SPF 18 is a longwearing, yet lightweight foundation, infused with SPF to help nourish and protect skin. It also features diamond powder and imparts subtle luminosity and a radiant finish. It has a buildable coverage from sheer to medium, and is suitable for all skin types except very oily. 

Powder Foundation 

“Powder foundation is great for all skin types but can be extra helpful if your skin is on the oily side and needs a little shine control or mattifying,” she adds. 

Our award-winning Pressed Base powder foundation delivers longwearing coverage, with a weightless, natural finish. Perfect for soothing and providing color correction to post-treatment skin, it’s powered by antioxidants and triple-milled minerals, for radiant finish without any dryness or cakiness. This versatile pressed powder foundation is suitable for all skin types.

e complexion coverage than a tinted moisturizer. The type of foundation you choose will be down to your skin type and complexion needs. “Dry skin types can benefit from creamy, stick, or liquid foundations, while for oily skin, powders and mattifying formulations can help reduce shine.”


Looking for tips on how to apply your foundation? Our expert guide has everything you need for a flawless foundation application. We also have all the details on what brush you should use to apply your foundation too.  

Tinted Moisturizer vs Foundation: Why Not Both?

“And of course you can always mix and match your tinted moisturizers and foundations to create your perfect base. Try adding a few drops of your favorite serum to either your tinted moisturizer or foundation for boosted skincare benefits.”


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