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Glo Skin Beauty

Artistry Brush Set

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Save 59% with five high-performance, vegan, pro-level makeup brushes, perfect for gifting or to brush up on your own makeup artistry.

Product Features

From base to brows, discover the five go-to brushes for creating a flawless look with this Artistry Brush Set. Offering pro-level precision, seamless blending, and endless effects to get the most from your makeup, the set features five vegan brushes that are non-irritating and perfect for all skin types—especially sensitive.

Kit Includes:

Contour/Highlighter: A dual-ended brush, perfect for playing with different effects. Ideal for liquid foundation, setting powders, contour and highlighter, plus cream or powder blushes.

Dual Fiber Eye: Use it to add lightweight, buildable layers of eyeshadows, primers, and concealers.

Crease Shader: Creates depth and dimension to the contours of the eye.

Eye Base: For effortless application of buildable eyeshadow and primer across the lid.

Dual Brow/Liner: Angled bristles perfectly fill and sculpt the brows.

How To Use

How To Use:

Use the Eye Base brush to effortlessly apply and build eyeshadow color over your entire lid for a perfectly smooth and even canvas.

Use the Crease Shader brush to create depth and dimension to the contour of your eyes, and use it to diffuse color or smoke-out the lash line. It’s the perfect shape for detailed highlighting and you can also use it for easy lip color application.

The Dual Fiber Eye brush is extremely versatile. Use this brush to add lightweight buildable layers with eye shadows, primers, and even concealer.

The angled bristles on the Dual Brow/Liner brush perfectly define eyes and fill brows. Use the larger end for a soft shadowed liner statement, and the smaller end for detailed lining with cream. It’s also great for a quick and easy brow fill too.

From sculpting cheekbones and contouring, to adding a dimensional highlight on high points, the Contour/Highlighter brush can be used for all this and more. The soft round end is also the perfect shape to effortlessly apply bronzer, powder and cream blush.

The season of play

Discover, delight, and play this Holiday season with new beauty and skincareWhy play? With shows like Euphoria shining a spotlight on beauty and reigniting the joy and fun of makeup application and effects, for Holiday season, Glo presents a unifying theme of play across its full Holiday season mix. Skincare, color, complexion, all intermingled under this concept of bringing to life the joy, the tactileness, the experimentation, and the emotion that comes with new beauty and skincare products.

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