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Glo Skin Beauty

Water Resistant Mascara Black 10 ml

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Achieve effortlessly lengthened, longwearing eyelashes with this volumizing water-resistant mineral mascara, infused with conditioners vitamin B5 and bamboo extract, for all-day, weather-proof wear.

Product Features

For long, lustrous lashes that last, look to this longwearing Water Resistant Mascara. Mixed micro-fiber bristles on the tapered brush comb and separate lashes, evenly coating lashes in a high-intensity black mineral pigment for elevated separation and volumizing from root to tip. A zero smudge, water-resistant formulation, it’s infused with nourishing vitamin B5 and bamboo extract to strengthen and protect, while conditioning vitamin E and natural waxes help keep each lash soft and healthy, preventing fallout, flaking, and clumping.

Suitable for all skin types.

Key Benefits:

Water-Resistant: Longwearing formulation that stays in place without smudging, flaking, or running, but still removes easily with makeup remover.

Volumizing: Innovative mixed-fiber tapered brush effortlessly coats each individual eyelash, creating optimal length and volume.

Conditioning: Strengthens lashes with vitamin B5 and bamboo extract, plus conditioning vitamin E and waxes to form a protective coat around each lash.

How To Use

Coat lashes from root to tip. If a more dramatic look is desired add a second coat. Easily remove with Gentle Makeup Remover or rinse with water and your favorite cleanser.

Did You Know?

For your most defined lashes ever, allow each coat to dry for 30 seconds before adding a new layer.

The tapered brush is perfect to get those hard-to-reach hairs around the inner corner of the eyes and lower lash line while the mixed fibers have varying thicknesses and spacing to deliver expert lengthening and volumizing.

What Does Clean Beauty Mean?

Certified Cruelty Free Makeup
PETA-approved, Beauty Without Bunnies certified, Glo makeup and their sourced ingredients are never tested on our furry friends.

Talc Free Makeup
Linked to health concerns, talc is a no-go for all of our Glo makeup. We use skin-loving minerals instead.

Paraben Free Makeup
A type of preservative linked to hormone disruption? No way, not in any Glo makeup.

Sulfate Free
Surfactants that can cause irritation or trigger allergies, Glo makeup is SLS + SLES sulfate free.

Phthalate Free Makeup
Hard to say, even harder on the skin, Glo is a phthalates-free zone.

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