How To Nail the Monochrome Makeup Look

How To Nail the Monochrome Makeup Look

Easy, effortless, and oh-so impactful, the monochromatic makeup trend has been growing in popularity thanks to its minimalist approach to beauty products. With a distinctly less is more attitude and low-key vibes, monochrome simply means wearing the same color or product on your lids, cheeks, and lips to create a chic, balanced effect. 

Perfect for those of us who get decision fatigue or don’t want to overload on beauty products, monochrome makeup is actually super versatile too, with endless ways to customize and curate your perfect look.

A monochrome look is one of the most universally flattering makeup techniques,” says Janeena Rumsey, Glo’s Global Artistry Lead. “The possibilities are endless with the countless tones and textures that you can try. The best part about monochrome makeup, is that it's incredibly easy and you only need a few products to create an array of looks.”

How To Do a Monochrome Makeup Look

Monochrome doesn’t equal monotonous, in fact, far from it. Playing with texture, finish, and layering up products can all keep your look fresh and unique. “Just choose a tonal story, a few multitasking products, and experiment on different areas of your face to create your own look,” advises Janeena.

Play with depths of pigments by using different brushes and building up different intensities, or even use your fingers too for a more relaxed effect. Mix in a cream such as Barrier Balm to diffuse out color and add some highlighting or a dewy finish to more matte products. 

How To Pick a Color For Your Monochrome Look

Monochrome makeup can range from more subtle shades all the way through to bolder hues. It’s all about your personal preference. “Experiment and play with different shades. For example, try using your favorite lip crayon on lids and cheeks to see how it suits you. Mix it with a balm to buff it out,” she adds.

Pinks, browns, taupes, peaches, reds, there really is no end of tonal possibilities. And, a timeless way to work the trend is by opting for a bronzed monochrome effect. “Bronze suits all skin tones and creates a warm glow, perfect for a first time trying this trend.”

To make things even easier, we’re presenting everything you need to create your bronze monochrome looks in one super chic kit.

Discover three monochrome makeup looks we’re loving and how to achieve them.

The Monochrome Bronze Makeup Look

“Bronzy, warmth, and peach are a match made in tonal heaven. What I love about this look is even though Bonbon is a deeper brown, it's soft and subtle enough to naturally accentuate the eye shape while never overshadowing the peach hue, Canyon.”


  1. Blend Sunkiss Bronze into crease and lower lash line for a wash of slight warmth, shape, and natural dimension with the Dual Fiber Eye Brush.
  2. Buff Cream Stay Shadow Stick in Canyon onto lids with the Dual Fiber Eye Brush.
  3. Add a little of the same shade to outer and lower lash line with the Crease Shader Brush.
  4. Tightline upper lash line with Cream Stay Shadow Stick in Bonbon, and blend into lashes.
  5. Add a small amount of Bonbon to outer corner and blend into a subtle smokey wing- shape to stretch and lift eyes.
  6. Add mascara if you like.


  1. Lightly bronze complexion and cheeks with Sunkiss Bronze using the Contour/Highlighter Brush. 
  2. Add a natural flush to cheeks with Cream Stay Shadow Stick in Canyon and blend with the same brush.
  3. Top high points of face with Barrier Balm for an extra dewy glow.


  1. Softly line and fill lips with Cream Stay Shadow Stick in Canyon.
  2. Top with Prism Gloss.

Neutral Coral Winged Eyes

"This look captures the true essence of what 'tone on tone’ really is. A wash of peachy coral on lids—which can be a look in itself, then using that same shade, leveled-up with a wing, and brought down to cheeks and lips as well. It’s so easy and looks so cool.”


  1. Add a slight wash of color to lids with Cream Stay Shadow Stick in Canyon.
  2. With the same shade, line upper lash line, slightly extending the eyeline into a winged shape.
  3. Lightly blend to soften.
  4. Add mascara if you like.


  1. Add warmth to complexion and cheeks with Sunkiss Bronze.
  2. Buff Cream Stay Shadow Stick in Canyon onto cheeks for a natural flush. 
  3. Top high points of face with a mix of Barrier Balm and Prism Gloss for an extra dewy glow.


  1. For lips, buff and pat on a bit of Cream Stay Shadow Stick in Canyon for soft matte color.

The Warm Bronzed Look 

"This bronzy and slightly hazy, smoked out eye is effortless and timeless, and can be intensified further for a more dramatic evening look.”


  1. Blend Sunkiss Bronze onto lids and lower lash line. To deepen, repeat this same step by adding a second layer.
  2. Buff a little Cream Stay Shadow Stick in Bonbon on top and blend until softened.


  1. Bronze complexion and apples of cheeks with Sunkiss Bronze. 
  2. Blend in a light layer of Cream Stay Shadow Stick in Canyon on top of cheeks. 
  3. Top high-points with Barrier Balm for added glow and radiance.


  1. Top lips with a mix of Prism Gloss and Barrier Balm.

"Monochrome makeup is all about you and your style, so play, experiment, and discover new techniques, shades, and applications," says Janeena. Whether you're into full monochromic makeup looks or just want to do cheeks and eyes, lips and cheeks, the possibilities are endless. 


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